Cattaraugus is truly a uniquely situated Living History Village.  Its business district location on the steep side hill adjacent to the railroad tracks is a rare sight.  The preservation of existing and historic businesses and trades is very important here.  It is important to all of us to celebrate this Village's history because it serves to identify the solid foundations of dedication, fortitude and perseverance that comprise who we all are today.  The lesson demonstrated and achieved by Historic Cattaraugus Village is that the spirit of cooperation worked here and worked well.  Early residents, businesses, religions and governments worked hand-in-hand to achieve progress in job creation, quality of life opportunities and community-wide celebrations.    

                 The HCC is registered with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and has been determined to be exempt from franchise tax as of 10/24/02.   The HCC is registered with the New York State Charities Bureau (Reg # 20-59-93).  All contributions to the Historic Cattaraugus Corporation are tax deductible.              

             Stop being a bystander to history, folks.  Make a significant difference in our nation's history.   With your help this historic restatement and renewal impetus just might be contagious.         Please contact us at:    Historic Cattaraugus Corporation, 24 Main Street, Cattaraugus, New York 14719.      716 257 3431                                             E